Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two things...good beer and good coffee

Keegan Ales- Mother's Milk
I Love love love this beer.  It is a stout and has a little sweetness to it.  It's one of those things that I really crave sometimes.  We went to the brewery while I was pregnant and I just sat and smelled it.  My husband brought a six pack home for me last week and it was delicious.  I am a dark beer kind of gal....

Ethiopia Nekisse   

We typically get our coffee from a local roaster, Georgio's Coffee, and we love the taste and smell of the fresh roasted beans.  We grind them ourselves at home.  My husband went to pick up coffee the other day and he accidentally picked up a coffee that is a bit pricier than we typically get.  Let me tell you, was it a delicious treat.  We decided to use the french press instead of our usual percolator and boy was it worth it!

It's nice to have something delicious sometimes!

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