Friday, November 26, 2010

So blessed

I didn't have the opportunity yesterday to post about all the thankfulness that I have.  I don't think that thankful really cuts it at this point.  My husband and I haven't had the easiest two two years, there have been a lot of ups and downs.  For a while it was mostly downs that just seemed to keep coming at as.  I am thankful that through it all we were able to support one another and grow into our new perspective.  I am thankful that two years ago (almost)  I was able to hold a perfect little angel who opened up our hearts more than we knew they could be opened.  She left us raw and exposed and cracked our hearts opened in a way that I really can't explain.  I am so thankful for the little guy in our lives right now who, cracked us opened even more.  I am thankful for his health and his happiness his smiles and his laughter.  I am thankful that I am seeing the world through his eyes everyday.  I am thankful for my husband who is my rock.  He is truly amazing, always there to help me with whatever I need, even when it means putting his own things aside.  I am often blown away by how thoughtful and perceptive he is.  I think our little one may be following in his daddy's footsteps.  I am thankful for my parents who watch my little guy everyday while I go to work.  I know that he is getting the best care aside from us watching him.  I am also thankful for fantastic friends who have been there for us when we've needed them.  All in all, although the past two years have been tough, I am so grateful to have what I do right now.


  1. Sadness and broken hearts can overshadow the gratitude we have, but I do believe the tough times can make us stronger with even more gratitude to share. Loved reading what you're grateful for!

  2. Sending love to you, your husband, your little girl and your beautiful rainbow boy.