Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crack your heart wide opened

I love this shell that I found on the beach in Corolla, NC.  It looks like a heart with a heart inside of it, at least to me.  My heart was cracked wide opened this week as I had to leave my little guy and return to work.  I knew that it would be difficult, but it was even harder than I thought.  He did great, it's his mommy who is having a tough time.  I definitely did not survive the two days without tears and a million phone calls and text  messages to my mother.  This week was only two days!  How will I manage five next week.  His smile melts my heart though, and he was so excited to see me when I got home.  I know that I have to work for right now and that it will provide him with everything that he needs.  I do this for our family and I have to remember that.  Although winning the lotto still sounds like a really good option to me.

The weather here today really feels like fall and I welcome that because it has been so incredibly hot here.  I loved the summer, but at the same time wish I was able to do more things outdoors.  I am hoping to get some good activities in on the weekends this fall.  There should be lots of fall festivals going on.  JP loves to be outside and I have a feeling he isn't going to mind the cold too too much.  He wasn't a fan of the heat that is for sure.  I am definitely looking forward to the cooler weather. 

I haven't had much time to get much creating in recently, but I have some ideas that I want to try.  We'll see if I can find the time.


  1. Aww Gina, I know just how you felt leaving the little one. Going to make this brief, but this is what happened the first time I left my little guy (who is now 21!!) at school: I was afraid he would be upset and carry on, as many do. I left the room, looked back in, and he had already gone over to the toy trucks to start playing. I was CRUSHED!! He was not going to miss me after all!! He did fine, but I still crumble when he goes back to school or leaves for extended periods, and I know I always will.

  2. Your heart photo and your description captures what you were feeling so eloquently, Gina. I hope you feel better today and it's not so hard on you the next time :)

  3. yes, gina! thank you so much for your great interview! it will be posted in the series soon!
    thanks for reading my blog and your comments! much love, d.
    p.s.: love the little feet in the sand picture!