Saturday, February 5, 2011

More time

Lately I have been feeling that there just is not enough time in the day. It isn't a new feeling for me, but it seems multiplied lately. First, I want to take the time to be the best mom that I can be. That, it seems, takes up the majority of my time that I am not at work. Work is the necessary evil that takes up so much of my day. Do not get me wrong, I love my job and the people that I work with, but maybe if it were three days a week or if the commute was not just about an hour.  It takes a lot out of me. Sprinkle in the daily and weekly tasks and there doesn't seem to be much time for anything else.

I am very lucky to have a fabulous husband who does everything he can to help out. This is huge!  I certainly could not pull off parenthood without him. We are working together to keep it together.

There are a few things I will be working on. I will keep you posted.


  1. Sweet photo! I know what you mean about seeming to not have enough time. There's so much to do, especially when you're a momma :)

    Happy Monday!!

  2. What a cute photo, and I really like the colors in your nursery. Being a mom makes it was hard to balance your time, I'm so glad that I work at home, and I still have much trouble getting everything done. I can't imagine how you moms who work outside the home get everything done. It must be draining! You are a super woman!!