Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!  This was my first Mother's Day with a baby.  Last year only a few people recognized the fact that I was a mom.  I didn't have my baby with me, but I felt like a mom.  I was a mom with a broken heart.  We wanted a child, we were ready for a child, but there was something else in store for us.  My heart is healing and it is filled with love for the new man in my life.  He makes me smile no matter what my mood, and now that he is smiling back it is even better.  I know that we both have our angel Lia Rose looking after us.

I had a wonderful day with my family at Roanoke Vineyard on the East End of Long Island.  We had great food and great company.  I got some awesome Mother's Day gifts as well that I need to write about here!  I am wearing one of the two hats that I got from Flood Clothing in Portland.  I had bought a hat for myself while out there last year and just love love love the hats!  My husband also got me a necklace that I am anxiously waiting for!  It is from Gwynnie B Designs  and I know I am going to love it!  I also got some practical gifts like a car charger and a Bluetooth headset, but those were more for the fact that I was supposed to go back to work starting tomorrow.  I am not going because I am having issues with my blood pressure again.  Off to more doctors for me next week.  In a way it is another present for me because I really didn't want to go back yet.

Oh and I also registered for an e-course called Unraveling and am so excited for it!  I think that it will be something really good for me!  I want it to start tomorrow!


  1. awww, gina...what a beautiful picture of you and your son...i am so happy you had such a wonderful day...

  2. Gorgeous photo of Mom and her Little Man! So happy for you and for your very special day, Gina.

    You should receive your goodie any day now :) What a sweet hubby!

  3. I am so happy you had a nice Mommy's day. And had a baby to hold this time around--I felt very similar to you last year, except Jack and I knew *our little secret*--I didn't have a baby to hold last year like what *could* have been, but I did have one growing! It was nice that we both were able to celebrate the love we have in our hearts this year!